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Thursday, August 26, 2004


Now is the time again where everyone either gets extremely pissed off or really really FESTIVE. Like when stuff ends. I'm sad that summer is ending but definitely in party mode. But, some people seem to be ready to slit your throat if you say "booya!" (how DO you spell booya... heh)

Today my brother instructed me NOT to talk to wrapping paper. Sadly, I was talking to wrapping paper, because it was not obeying my orders. I am having fun with putting ribbon on too and I think that crepe paper is definitely something I need to use in the somewhat near future. It's from subbie year when I was in student council (YUCK) and I had to help decorate some dance. Hey, that was not too bad. But you never need as much crepe paper as they give you, so I have light and normal purple crepe paper left over.

Everyone check out my orange shirt that I knit in the past few weeks. Unless you're Angelia, Domier, the Swiech, Snatia, or Sara. Because you already have seen it. CRAFTSTER ROCKS TO THE MAX ON ICE WITH WHEELS WITH MILK AND COOKIES! I should really use one of their little link icon things.

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