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Saturday, August 28, 2004

...I left my wife and 49 kids on the edge of starvation with only one jelly bean...

Picnic... exciting stuff. Gotta go work on that mooooooovie, so I can show JELC. It was good to see people that I haven't seen, except the only people I actually succeeded in seeing were Noam, Jimmy Huggett, Domier, and random JELC members at random times. We asked Mr. Vaughn to sponsor a club but he said that he had too many other ones. Then he asked what the club was. We had to explain dumb club.

Ms. Plisch is our next victim.

What I want to know is WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT COLIN FIRTH? I really really really need to see pride and prejudice on a 2sday, but nooo we have SCHOOL. Hmpho to the max on ice.


Okay, inside joke time is ending.

However, this summer has been good. I feel that through my routine of doing nothing, watching teen movies, lots of Smallville, and knitting, I have cleansed myself spiritually (?), physically, mentally, romantically, and um... ish.

So hopefully I am revitalizedishness for another fun year of nonstop partying with lots of fine young men and alcohol and video games. OR NOT. We didn't even get any WINE at our WINE-TASTING. Jeeeeez.

The problem with our school is that they don't listen to anyone except the "normal" kids. Who are the people I try my hardest to avoid. I'm getting better and better at this. Aside from the who-is-in-your-class factor, you can pretty much control all other contact with some simple rules:

1) leave at lunch. Go do lunchbuddies, go race hampsters down springfield, or veg out in some random unoccupied lunchbox.
2) Find a PE buddy. Without one, all will be lost.
3) flare your nostrils a lot. Nobody likes a nostril flarer!

Anyway, so this prevents too much personal contamination with the euchre playing, mesh jersey wearing, or slubbie type people. But sometimes it's fun to watch when one slubbie is crying (OMFG, cry), and hten so the entire herd of them goes into the bathroom to try to cheer her up because MAYBE something extremely bad happened, like she tried to break up with her "boyfriend" and he said "okay".

But remember kids, they're not slubbies anymore... they're sleshmen.

And here's your SAT word of the day:
abscond -- to sneak away
mnemonic device: you can sneak away with SCONES... because I mean, if you're sneaking, you may as well take the scones, right, since they're good?

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