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Thursday, September 02, 2004

...this day needs a MAJOR rewind button...

This week has not been going particularly well. In fact, it's been half crappy. Not all the way crappy, but halfway there. Let's review my day, shall we?

Hike down and up many stairs
walk around more
go to classes, not so bad
feel generally miserable
take forever to finish the japanese quiz because i thought it was muzukashi
forget my cello and have to retrieve it
not philosophizing very well and as a result feel crappy

very blah. well i guess nothing too extremely bad happened, except that I feel inept at this whole Japanese thing. Very, very crappy. I usually feel pretty good about it, or at least decent, or at least not sucky, but now I feel sucky. sucky to the max on ice. So I think I will go play slimeforest. and kill myself with a spoon. Maybe I just need to learn oodles more vocabulary. Then again, I have that problem in English and I am doing spiffy.

mo posted at 7:07 PM.