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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Today was a decent day. I'm not liking how the world is though. I don't get this whole... involvement thing. Like, I don't get why anybody is so immensely interested with meddling in other people's stuff. Like, not that I'm having specific issues with this, but why does it matter if there's people harrassing each other at school and whatnot, why should it be any of the administration's business??? I know there's all these dumb laws that involve the school being sued, but it should really have absolutely nothing to do with anyone but the two people involved. Also, it shouldn't matter if we go to class. Like, if we don't, then we will probably suck at whatever subject we are taking, and thus we'll get punished by getting a crap grade, right? So what's the point of actually MAKING us go to school at all? ???????????????????


mo posted at 7:42 PM.