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Saturday, September 18, 2004

...anti-terrorism practices...

is this not the best shit ever???

CARPE VEEKEM. Dadgummit is like Godammit but sort of reversed.

Today I was able to join the ranks of the Uni High Biker Gang!! YEAH (we're the most aggressive people around). It actually meant that Domier and Jimmy Huggett and Abby and Jimmy Huggett's brother showed up at my house, so I guess we weren't the most scary people ever... but it was much fun. YEAH IT WAS FUN SO SUCK IT. That was directed at no one in particular (yea right). So anyway it would be cool if the uni high biker gang could become a permanent activity, only in about 2.3 seconds it's going to go into winter such that it's -38000 degrees all the time (yes, BELOW absolute zero. The molecules will have negative movement). And then I don't know what we could do. But we could play in the snow or something. Which is really not ganglike. I don't know. I like saturday afternoon/evening excitement. I've gotten really inarticulate on this blog, for a couple of reasons. Let's explore them:

1) Clearly, I have no life, and thus, there's nothing to say
2) I have definitely realized that most people hate me (or pay no attention to me, of course), with a few exceptions, especially Arielska mommy who always loves me, yay
3) I hate jellyfish, and I can't avoid being stung no matter what I do

The end. Dundundun

mo posted at 6:43 PM.