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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Aha is something that does not go along with the math homework tonight. I get HOW to do it, I just don't get WHY, which is the exact opposite of yesterday's homework. Such is the excitement of calc.

But more importantly:

THE SMALLVILLE SEASON PREMIERE WAS SO FRICKIN GOOD. YES. And Lois is actually really cool, not a little wimp like Lana is. And Clark was in super Kel-el mode, naked in a cornfield (ooh) and he could fly. The best part is these dudes in the plane were like "what's that on the radar? A bird? A plane?" And so the audience, in unison, all across the nation, goes "IT'S SUPERMAN!!!!!!!"

Okay sorry I just had to get that out.

I'm excited now about taking the JLPT... but what I'm in seriously need of now is a JAPANESE HORROR MOVIE PARTY. Now that Amirah keeps talking about Ju-On all the time...

School is school. Always get the feeling that EITHER 1) everyone is staring at me disapprovingly or 2) I'm waving my arms around and yet still invisible. Like how me and Monah are totally in SOM, but that wasn't in the general email that alyssa sent out. I was majorly offended.

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