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Sunday, September 26, 2004


I have been introduced to the world of txt messaging, and it's oh so exciting. Although it's really slow.

This week is SOM tech week, so this will be exciting -- expect to see me either really dead & tired, or happy, or both. I guess that's just me. I tend to overbook myself, and then be upset that there is no party time. When in fact there IS party time, if you lump it all together, but it's always like 2 hours here and there...

But I'm totally not complaining. Because it's stupid when people complain about things they do voluntarily. Particularly, volunteer work. DIE PEOPLE DIE, why do you feel the need to save the homeless animals and then COMPLAIN that you have no time in which to eat strawberry fudge milkshakes or something??? Sigh.

So I've been watching trigun lately (first 4 episodes so far) and I find the main guy ridiculously attractive. You may laugh at the fact that I like a cartoon character... not even a smooth hunky ridiculously well built fighting character (i.e. tooya), but a dorky clutzy DUMB cartoon character. But do REAL people turn into chibi characters when they see attractive women, or dodge 10 million bullets while whistling??? I think not! And as for dumb, to all you girls, YOU LIKE ORLANDO BLOOM. Wait, I like him too... kinda. Or at least, he makes me laugh, and that's all you need, right?

he has cool hair too... not as cool as yugi oh characters though. they have the most kickass hair in the universe.

mo posted at 6:25 PM.