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Saturday, October 09, 2004


4 day veekends rock. Except the whole, getting to school by 7 on monday for IMEA part. It's fun, I just don't like waking early. Not one bit. Ponder. Movie party last night, watched Memento, which totally like, crumples your mind into little pieces. But Guy Pearce is cool & vg in this movie. Also, watched MOST of being john malkovich but not the whole thing b/c my mom is like "you have to come home" since she thought I was sick but i'm not noooo miraculous medical recovery wahaha! Thank you ceiling. Anyway now it makes me want to watch the rest of the movie but ALAS I HAVE a philosophy paper to write. And a breakfast to eat. What am I going to do???

mo posted at 9:49 AM.