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Sunday, October 10, 2004

...carpe veekem...

This weekend has been crazy, but good. Tomorrow is IMEA and I reeeelly need to practice more because I'm definitely sub-whatever, but at least i'm GOING (coughangelinaclairedancough)... plus, you can always sorta size up the competition better when you're actually there, and sizing up the competition is fun, unless you end up really puny. But anyway, it's not going to be too stressfull this year because I'm already assuming I'll get in. And I'm not the kind of person to really care about what chair I am. I mean, I'd rather not go down in number but whatevers man.

Last night was great, we got the pynk pyritz on tape for the first time ever. Very exciting stuff, and I've been messing with the sound and such (yay) and I have decided I reeeeelly like sound editing. Maybe I could become a sound editor AND a terrorist. I love my career goals!

HMMM isn't it great when Ariana is mad at you. EXCUSE me for not having time.

mo posted at 9:07 PM.