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Monday, October 11, 2004

...omfg cry...

Dude-o dude-o

8:00 monday night and i'm waiting
to finally talk to a girl a little cooler than me

not really, but it's monday anyways. So IMEA good stuff man... I don't know if I did better than last year or not (I guess we'll see) but I have decided that cellists are the most nice people ever... YES EVARRRRRR.... because this guy was like, the sweetest guy in the world, not only did he let me use his practice spot after him, but he told me what to expect in the audition (well he told all the other cellists too) but it was amazingly cute and I was definitely in love for at least 5 minutes there. I just hope that I don't get pwned by all the other cellists, but except for one or two of them, they didn't seem crazy good, only like, same as me good.

So then we gossip on the bus and all that good stuff, and everyone uses my phone to call their parents. And then I get home and Domier is at my house, not that I wasn't forewarned, but okay, and my mom wasn't too happy but he reaffirmed the COUCHNESS of my couch and the fact that it's DEFINITELY not a futon.

So now 2 of my "best friends" (Well, the people I hang around anyway) are mad at me for various reasons. Let's examine the wonderful reasons:
1) I missed Beatles club .... okay reely nice of me i know BUT I fucking needed a milkshake. Plus I'm not a dependable person. In fact, i'm DANGEROUS (??)... okay so anyway moral of the story is that I am inconsistent (like john kerry! but with less exciting hand motions)

2) I wear cow corpses. EXCUUUUSE me but leather is sexy and I am going to fight you vegetarians off with sticks if I have to, I like my jacket. If you ever wondered why lots of people love to hate vegetarians, MAYBE it's because aside from the whole eating animals thing, they come at you with anger about your CLOTHES. Fashion=fashion=/=political statement about meat industry. Plus, I don't even eat beef.

3) I'm a horrible horrible friend because I didn't go to Iiaeaux's house today. Wellllll gomen dudes, maybe I have some stuff to do, like for instance the whole homework thing, or maybe meditating on good PSAT scores, or general chill outage? Math extra credit anyone? Not that I would much rather do homework than hang around with my friends but SERIOUSLY occasionally I need down time where I just sit here and blah.

4) i addictively txt message domier from the bloomington cafeteria. dude, i could totally stop if i wanted to (exactly what they all say!) but who knows why tess finds this so endlessly amusing? It's like a party thing with monah and her psycho texting of tony, my text powers PALE IN COMPARISON......... RIGHT MO???

5) i can't think of any more, but I'm sure that if there are people mad at me to my face, there are plenty more who are mad at me behind my back, wahahah!

I have said it once and I will say it until the end of time: girls just drive me crazy, I am at the point at which I throw up my hands and say "begone, fiends!"

And a final question: what will we do without jimmy huggett all the way until FRIDAY!?!?

mo posted at 3:35 PM.