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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Okay, so I'm totally buying the Zelda game next summer because LINK IS FIIIIIINE.... yea he's damn hot man, and no I don't like legolas I like ARAGORN (sexyyyy).

Alright so for japanese we had to write some pickup lines... here were mine (please excuse possible bad grammar):

あなたのくつが好。 性交しよう。 (I like your shoes. Let's fuck.)

テディーベアを忘れた。 あなたと寝てもいい? (I forgot my teddy bear. can I sleep with you?)

天から落ちた時、痛んだか? (Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?)

きれいなシャツです。それは私の床によく見えるでしょう。 (That's a pretty shirt. It would look good on my floor)

TOMORROW more nihongo if you're lucky.

mo posted at 7:34 PM.