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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

...lunchbuddies to the rescue...

So last week I missed Beatles club because I needed that milkshake or I would die. This week I was on the SECOND BUS getting back from the PSAT, and so I missed the beginning (I missed another picture, oh well) and then I had to buy lunch. So in 2 weeks I my status in Beatles club is:

Co-Czar --> vice czar --> scum of the universe

But I don't even feel 1 little inkling of guilt for this one. PSAT's fault! Anyway. As promised, here is my sexy Nihongo poem:


I don't feel like doing kanji readings, but my rough translation isss....:
the sky is grey
in the rain it is cold
i am lonely

YES i wrote a haiku in japanese how cool is that ??? it wasnt' that hard actually, it was just hard to make it generally follow the rules of grammar (I used particles) and still have some meaning....

The pen game is driving everyone crazy! But the PSAT was not so awful, just tired and weird. And why was the answer C so much???

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