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Friday, October 15, 2004 NAME is neo...

Everybody remember how sensei got all pissed off at me for being all like "yay death" freshman year in nihongo (hakaba e ikimashou! shindara dou desu ka?), well now we're learning all these different vocab words for death and such. Because now we're "MATURE"...?!?! So maybe if we had 2 more years, she would teach us all the words for stuff we like to talk about now (seikou shiyou).... chinpo. Anyway, she just thinks we're all weirdos, which I guess is acceptable.

I find it slightly disturbing how innocent we're expected to be. It all goes back to how preps sit in the bathroom and cry and go "omg" to each other incessantly, about all the drama sorts of things. Too much drama, too little action. That's why WB shows are so good for your mental and emotional development! Watch evil cheerleaders seduce Clark Kent! Watch Brooke say "yes, we're friends... friends WITH BENEFITS." and note the sexual tension between everyone and everyone else constantly. (I am definitely taping next week's One Tree Hill episode, nothing can stop me now).

It really boils down to that I'm not an emotions person.

Alright, since Angelina did this I'm going to copy her. With Halloween a mere 16 days off, here's my costume plan:

I'm copying off the Gelina of course, because she posted a pic of gogo. I'd just like to thank Roveiza for the inspiration of this costume (avril no da) because she has told me bunches of time that me/my hair looks like avril's. Only I'm cooler. And I already could passably dress like her with a few more hot topic accessories and more eye makeup. So it won't be exciting like last year when I was johnny depp (in a dress), but I will get to wear makeup and then it will never ever come off my eyes because that's how these things work. And I can go around saying "I am from canada and I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was 12!!!!!!! OMG!!!!" The picture will maybe die soon because I'm stealing their bandwidth (because you know how many hits this blog gets man)... so revel in the excitement of me being avril, dudes.

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