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Saturday, October 23, 2004

...u are a freak...

Man oh man I am pissed off at the savoy. Raise Your Voice is no longer playing there after a whopping 13 day run at the theater... 13 frickin days, EXCUSE ME if I couldn't find the time then, I wanted to see it yesterday. They are going to receive a very disappointed email. I mean, if you can't even bother to leave Hilary Duff movies in the theater for 2 weeks, then what's the point of it anyway? I only see tween movies.

Today has been relaxing. Weekends are like that, despite all the work one should be doing, it's relaxing anyway. Me and my brother are now addicted to Trigun, because although the first 8 episodes were nothing special, episodes 9-12 were mmm mmm good and we're craving some more... but we have to wait until monday. Vash the Stampede is one hunky guy, dudes. The good thing about his character is that he is awesome both when he's acting like a moron and when he's serious.

I'm looking forward to that Pillows CD too. My life consists of homework + cello + lunchbuddies + trigun at the moment, and that's fine with me, until I get something to knit (in a mere two weeks or so when SnB Nation comes out).

I have nothing interesting to say, farewell.

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