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Sunday, October 24, 2004

...the sound of thinking...

This has been a most triumphant weekend. Aside from the non-Hilary-Duffness of Friday, of course. Jimmy Huggett's house was good, even though he doesn't know where the lids are in his kitchen, and the conclusion was drawn that you shouldn't press the ice/water thing on the refrigerator with your butt. Other than that, the movies were good, aside from the random siblings... we watched Mean Girls, which was most excellent of course... and the limit thing had a minus sign in it, not multiplication to anyone who cares (which would be anyone from the large group of me, Noam, Julie, Tess, or Justin)... anyway good stuff, I had forgotten how good the plastics were at being mean. My favorite trick was the "planned parenthood" call... so sneaky, ne.

Then on the topic of high school gone bad, we watched Battle Royale, in which 40 Japanese 9th graders are forced to kill each other. It was so good though, and EYEBROW GUY was in it (he's Mimura, the dude with crazy typing skillz). Unfortunately, the movie had like 15 minutes left in it, and my mom showed up, so I had to leave. It was really upsetting, so I had to finish the movie today.

There were a few most excellent quotes, one of which was Domier saying, "I'm afraid of sexual contact."

Looking forward to Halloween, Ju-On 2, sushi, and trick-or-treating (after a 2 year break from it, it's most definitely the year to do this again).

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