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Saturday, October 30, 2004

...we can dance if we want to...

Listening to safety dance... 80's music is good dudes, plus, I was born in the 80's. Most of my friends were too (except Jimmy, that weirdo)

Halloween is the best holiday ever dude... the concept is brilliant... dress up as something you're not (well I could dress up as me, but that would be lame). Unfortunately, Noam still is lacking in costume ideas (and she doesn't want to be a ladybug).

Tonight will be excellent, I hope. It's 3:30 right now. I did math. Twas exciting. I kind of understood it. Don't have the strength to work on more homework. Kind of burnt out. Or maybe it's because I have become addicted to Trigun (though working slowly through it). And Smallville. And everything.

OH. I would just like to say again... that I AM SO UPSET ABOUT RICKY ULLMAN. I can't believe he was in our frickin town and didn't come to our school!!!!!!!!!! HE IS MY SOULMATE, DUDES. And Sara's, Batia's, and Tess's, but whatever, we can share him. We're way bigger fans than those other people he saw. ONCE AGAIN, FATE TRIED TO SCREW ME OVER.

Gonna have to get over this. Doesn't seem possible though. Maybe I can be a goth for halloween (that was one of my backup plans) and bleach out my skin/hair (or dye hair black), wear all black clothing, except for brightly colored care bears themed clothing (WHY do they do that???) and write upsetting poetry and cut myself.

However, I'm having more fun being Avril.

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