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Sunday, October 31, 2004

...shake it like a polaroid picture...

This weekend has been extremely entertaining. Friday = TV marathon, so I got to see Tom Welling act like Lionel Luthor (yay, a luthor heavy episode), then trigun marathon. We watched like 6 episodes in a row, but now we're dying of withdrawl, since we don't have the last 6. That's next weekend's plan. Anyway.

Then there was yesterday, which was sexily good in our pathetic attempts to make sushi, and our lack of DVD playing skillz (derivation skillz). Ju-On 2 was good though, made little sense because people kept fighting over where to sit because they're weirdos. Dance was pretty good, as far as dances go, especially with Sara/Batia chasing my brother around.

However, we discovered even more dirty math. So Angelina and I were commenting on how instead of secant of x, how you're supposed to write secx, we always accidentally write sex, and then look at our papers, and we've proved the derivative of sex or something. Anyway, it makes perfect sense since the derivative of being tangent (like, being tangent to someone) is sex squared. Not only is it completely idiotic, it will always help me memorize that table of trigonometric derivatives. I wish I had figured that out BEFORE I'd done my math homework.

The second completely ridiculous dumb thing was this. Okay, so everyone knows about the handkerchief pancake thing, right? (Hanky Panky, sensei style), and so we were talking to sensei and someone pointed to me and domier and was like "SENSEI! Handkerchief Pancake!" but sensei was like "No, it's okay"... so now I am official Sensei approved handkerchief pancake. And, I made a shirt. How cool is that? Here it is:

hanky panky, the shirt

I may still change it, but whatever.

We'll see how the costume making powers of Domier and Noam pull through... I can't believe we actually came up with stuff.

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