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Saturday, November 06, 2004


Yesterday I turned 16. Now I can fully embrace as much stereotypicality as possible since age 13. Noam and Domier SECRETLY planned to show up at my house, yep, I never suspected it at all. But it was good, very good.

Most importantly though, they were playing the Scrabble National Championships or something on ESPN2. SCRABBLE, guys, scrabble. Completely ridiculous. Team gets couch!


So Beno brought me pocky for my bday, which is excellent of her, it was quite delicious. but note that it's not normal pocky, it's pocky G... "Hard and Rich" (see below picture), so I, of course, not thinking as usual, blurt out, "mmm hard and rich, that's how I like my men!"

mo posted at 11:35 AM.