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Monday, November 08, 2004 weekend...

I feel like writing in a list form.

-"cell phone" is now dirty
-friends nobly try to throw surprise party for me but I figure it out because of many subtle clues, the biggest of which is Ariana going "I WON'T see you tomorrow, mo" and Noam going "ARIANA!" (on saturday), and Jimmyhuggett writing in his xanga, "I'm grounded for the 3 day weekend so no blahbalhbah no bday party..."
-walls now covered in ridiculously large amounts of hilary duff
-utada hikaru coma
-avoiding hwk/filling out japan trip application
-violence at the dinner table
-when domier says "guess what I'm wearing," the first thought that pops into my head is hello kitty boxers... and i'm right
-cheesecake is delicious
-there IS a halloween card that says "You're good with your hands" on the front of it
-Zelda, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and Mario Party all have hidden, bad meanings
-you can't refill self advancing mechanical pencils
-SnB N still hasn't arrived
-my brother is trying out for studprod... and i'm going to be in it (w/o auditioning of course)
-I now own orange penguin boxers
-I now own the Colin Firth POND SCENE
-there are way too many acronyms in the world (ROFLWP)
-dan makes an awesome...whatever he was in the play
-i actually DO care about noam, despite popular belief
-we're ridiculously bad at planning anything, especially when deprived of rides, friends who aren't grounded, and parental approval
-you're easy breezy and i'm japanesey
-noam's 12 step plans actually only involve 2 steps

mo posted at 7:47 PM.