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Friday, November 12, 2004

...romeo or bust...

I've been sick for the past 2 days. Major suckiness, yes, but it's even suckier with the huge amounts of work to make up and deal with, and also with certain friends getting mad at me for not going to school when i'm sick *cougharianacough*. But anyway, the pain was definitely soothed with a huge firthathon (i.e. pride and prejudice... 5 hours of awesomeness), among other things. And knitting. I made a mini-scarf. I want to stitch on the words "cell phone", but alas I don't have any black embroidery floss at the moment. To see my hott sexy mini scarf click here. Unfortunately the color is pathetically bad. In reality it's the same color (and same yarn, bet you never would've guessed) as the tank top I made. Orange koolaid yarn...

knitting is da sex you guys, i have 2 more people to teach apparently... domes and ariana. apparently mild amounts of hell broke loose w/o me at school but TOO BAD is what I say I'm allowed to be a sick bum once in a while.

mo posted at 8:43 PM.