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Saturday, November 13, 2004

...that you meant it... that you meant it...

I have hands down stuck in my head. Hands down. Dashboard Confessional. Argie arg arg it's been there all day WHY DID I HAVE TO HEAR IT????? Now all I can hear is "HANDS DOWN THIS IS THE BEST DAY I CAN EVER REMEMBER" etc etc in my head really loud.

But no I'm not going crazy.

My lips feel chapped and dead. How attractive is that?


Am sad at having to turn down potential social events all the time but no I have to study and become awesome. I don't think that it's even remotely possible for me to get an A in math... I would have to average 95s on my next 2 tests, NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

In other news:

(20:12:32) bananagenes: abby says he believes that i'm not a perv though
(20:12:39) roamnoth: um he does?
(20:12:42) roamnoth: hes wrong

And Domier is co-vice-czarina of Beatles Club. Whatev, dudes, whatev.

Okay I bought uber uber exciting yarn today, we went to our LYS for SEX (On a side note, kw was talking to me and I'm like "I have to leave now" and he's like "where are you going??? To have sex with domier?????" And I'm like, "actually, yes." Perhaps not the kind of sex he's thinking of. And if you don't know what sex is in knitting terms, then go buy Stitch and Bitch right now you poor deprived soul). So I got some mostly acryllic but nonetheless decently soft and awesomely colored yarn for legwarmers... and this ridiculously attractive ORANGE FUZZY YARN. WHY do I need attractive orange fuzzy yarn? I dont' nkow, but I'm sure I can make something out of it. Legwarmers. Not quite Japanese schoolgirl (not japanese... can't do the schoolgirl giggle thing) but baggy anyway. And something to knit.

Dammit i need to watch some romantic movies. Right now. But no. Gotta turn down date oppurtunities and do homework instead. And maybe eat some food.

And you stood at your door with your hands on my waist
and you kissed me like you meant it.
And I knew that you meant it.


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