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Thursday, November 18, 2004

...i saw her standing there...

Let's see if I can make ONE blogger post without getting interrupted for anything! I doubt it.

Yesterday was the math test. OMG. But then during lunch Jockusch came up to me and said that I had neglected to see part of one of the problems, and would I like to finish it. I went to go do it, but it was still really weird, because clearly the fault was mine, me being a dumbass and never reading directions. Apparently someone else made a mistake like that too and she was looking for them. But anyway, I guess this means that she REALLY wants us to do well on this test, and we did.

Btw the answer of interruption is no.

Life is good right now. Not much homework, generally just relaxing. Then again, there's nothing I'm extremely excited/stressed out about, in particular. I'm pretty good. I plan to convert 2 more poeple into knitters tomorrow -- we will see how that turns out.

I wore ORANGE PENGUIN boxers today, and I was kinda crossdressy when I borrowed domey's shirt.

Mpitt was exceedingly disturbed by everything today in Nihongo. He started hitting me to get out his anger with a Nihon to no Deai book, because he left his hwk at home and has no bus tokens and no money and life sucks. And then he kept complaining that I had too much hair, and that I need a haircut. Maybe I should. But I don't want to like, cut it a little bit. I want to either cut it really really short, or just let it keep going. Also he was disturbed by Domes, which I kinda understand (I don't get what he was doing either) but we decided that the opposite of PDAs is PDNAs, which stand for public displays of not affection, so it's like, publicly giving someone the finger or something? I do not know.

Fine, I'd better work on that knitty post. I hope they accept it.

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