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Sunday, November 21, 2004

...mexican wine...

Angelina is a little mexican!

Good. IMEA on saturday, which lasted until like 7 because of the horrors of orchestra going last in the concert. Not a bad day though, especially going to voldemort's lair (angelina's) and eating some ramen and other junk food, watching the dumbest movie ever (kung pao) by her brother's request, getting really weirded out by the woman with the weird hair and the woman with one boob.

We won't discuss any more.

Anyway, I did teach Ariana and Domey to knit on friday, and hopefully they are improving. He taught me to crochet but somehow my rows are stupid and get smaller no matter if I add a stitch on the end or not. I will figure it out one day I'm sure. Maybe that day is tomrorow.

But now, it's time for homework.

mo posted at 5:55 PM.