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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

...and really bad eggs...

SMALLVILLE WAS NOT ON. I was so pissed off at the WB, how can you put it off a whole nother WEEK. I have waited 7 days already for this episode i cannot do it again!!!!!!!! ARG. I was distressed so I had to watch pirates of the caribbean to cheer myself up. Johnny Depp does wonders for the mind body and soul. Yohoyoho a pirates life for me.

Anyway, my purse is done with the exception of the straps and the cinching....

Thanksgiving. I am completely free for 4 days. As free as it gets. There's no homework, there's no cello lessons, rehearsals, practices, there's absolutely NOTHING to stress me out.

And yet, I am still a little bit restrained. By the weather, by the fact that it's only 4 days, by the fact that SOMEONE is in Minnesota St. Paul (different MSP)... which gives me time to not be in an either domey or other friends situation ALL THE TIME. I don't like this either/or situation all the time. But I guess that's how it works out, so I'll go with it. Perhaps that's the problem, that I kinda go with everything just as easily as all the other stuff... but the decisions have been made for me this weekend.

Maybe it's a good idea not to talk about how I feel about people I like because somebody is bound to get offended, but I mean, there's nothing else in life, if it's not how you deal with other people.

Speaking of which, the Mr. Vaughn thing today... that was so weird.


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