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Thursday, November 25, 2004 purse...

My purse is finished with the exception of the strap, which i'm gonna make soon:

I knit it with R2 Paper yarn (made of nylon.... but okay) it's the coolest yarn ever... in like, ballet colored... if you can't tell.

OK i'm gonna follow julie's posting spree lead and post more to this wonderfully exciting post.

So, how am I holding up this thanksgiving break?

My tummy is full of thanksgivingy goodness, and I am calm. It's good to let your mind wander a lot. Think about what you were doing 2 years ago at this time. 2 years sounds like a while, but think of something specific, and it's like "i can't believe it's been that long". But now that everyone is older and more mature... snow depresses me. I feel caged in. Snow just proves to me how no one would survive if you take away our pathetically huge shelters and technology. If there is one thing I simply cannot deal with, no matter how hard I try, it's being cold. Luckily, I have learned the useful phrase (and pickup line) in Japanese in case I ever need to say, "make me warm".

So yes, coldness is scary. Being isolated is part of the scariness. Rain doesn't have that. Rain is sexy. Things are moving. But snow seems so silent and dead. Maybe I just don't have any good emotions or experiences attatched to snow.

Winter is gross.

Holidays are great. They're so soothing, and lonely-fying at the same time (go word making skillz).

I need some romance, yo... that's what romantic comedies are for, right? I can't wait for Bridget Jones 2, tomorrow. And other things. Sleeping over, who digs who, and other exciting revelations you have when you actually hang out with your friends, uninterrupted, for once.

mo posted at 3:08 PM.