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Saturday, November 27, 2004


OMFG bridget jones 2 was good. I think it was better than 1. I totally hearted it, especially the hugh grant colin firth fight scene. It was damn good.

Everyone seems to be really really blah. I don't know generally why, but it is true. I'm kinda blah and lazy as well.

And why don't impromptu hangouts ever work out? Why aren't I just allowed to do whatever I want??? I do not know. I'm not that much of a bother anyway. I think the source of all of our problems is that we have no transportation. Everyone's parents get pissed off "I don't want to drive you here, you do too much stuff". Yeah right, parents are just lazy bums who don't want their kids to deal with their own lives.

Oh on a happier note, we came up with some very effective netspeak:

ROFL=rolling on futon laughing
ROCL=rolling on couch laughing
SIB=sand in bra

and... the very expressive phrase, "pregnant like a virgin"

Who knows what these will mean

mo posted at 3:37 PM.