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Sunday, November 28, 2004


Guys you should download It's a Hit by Rilo Kiley, it's an addictive song... each time I listen to it, I get more addicted (what a good sign).

Alas, the break is ending, and now it's gonna be tech week. We'll see how I fare -- hopefully I'll make it through enjoyably, like always.

I am addicted to knitting blogs.

I am addicted to knitting.


We'll see if I can go one week without it... I mean, I'm sure I can, I knit in little spurts of productivity and then months of nothing. But right now I'm in my addicted phase.

Speaking of which... I don't know what to use for my purse strap yet. So any suggestions would be welcome.

Also, any 16 inch circular needles (8 or 9) for the borrowing would be nice too.

mo posted at 9:27 PM.