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Friday, December 03, 2004

...a few hundred calculations and i'm done!...

Studprod this week -- tech. It's been the most ridiculous and sleep deprived week ever and now I am sick. I woke up this morning and felt like "UGH" and I have a slight fever and a headache... my mommy things I have a sinus infection. That would be WONDERFUL.

I am going to make it to the play tonight though, i must... the show must go on, and if I wasn't allowed to go, it would just be punishing kris, who has worked really hard on this play and honestly I am fairly important to the pit. I have some important parts, though mostly with bassman, it would be suckier if I wasn't there. Plus I really really want to be at the actual play now that I have put all this time into rehearsing.

So let's hope I get better.

The songs are ridiculously catchy though. Musicals = bad for your health. I had the calculus song stuck in my head for like the entire day yesterday. And the heart the mind the body and soul song too.

Calculus, I do it every day
Calculus, the master of my life

So yes getting home doing calc and english, didn't get to sleep until 1 am.

In other news, Kendall, my isym buddy, finally sent the bumper sticker that says, "support live music: kiss a cellist"

mo posted at 2:26 PM.