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Monday, December 06, 2004's a holiday for hanging...

Finally. Fever is gone. I will be back to school tomorrow, hopefully without too much unrecoverable damage done. I think the main problem will be in math. Because. It's. Math. Cuz you know, calculus, the master of my life. Luckily, others seem to be equally confused (same with the physics quiz. Plus, I've done pretty well so far with physics so one bad quiz would not kill me).

So anyway, I know you don't care about my work, you care about more exciting things, like... like... oh screw it. I have been having strange mood swings, motivated by who knows what (because my emotional IQ is only 94, I cannot correctly interpret what is making me upset) but let's list things that could potentially be messing it up

1) problems in triangle of favorites. if you don't know what the triangle of favorites is, it consists of 4 things (because we're each one point of the triangle?): Me, Noam, Ariana, and implicit differentiation. Yes, we are favorites of each other, despite having other interests/friends/boyfriends. Anyway. We have problems, which I'm not at liberty to discuss here, because they are strictly triangle of favorites + domier

I mean, there's no point in ME not telling domier junk about my friends, because they talk to him more than I do, and more than they do to me. WHO KNOWS WHY? I guess he's just that much fun. Anyhow, yes, the problems aren't my fault or have anything to do with me, which is actually fairly comforting.

2) SOOOOO screwed in schoolwork -- self explanatory

I do not know, I'm on a high right now (don't do drugs kids) thinking about the holidays, and all this crap 2 years ago and niceness.... ooh holidays warm and fuzzy. Although ariana is making me buy 35 candygrams to send to people from her, despite her not going to our school. who knows how she manages to have this many friends.

Oh man I love holiday goodness. winter sucks though.

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