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Saturday, December 11, 2004


I am having knitting related zmas problems. If you put all this work into knititng something for someone, and then they don't wear it, or don't like it, you have wasted all that time, energy, yarn, effort, etc. But what if they do like it?

Went to Domey's house yesterday post school. It was good, despite the fact that while he tried to pirate Ju-On 1 (which, although not as good as 2, definitely goes a bit more into the explanation of wtf is going on), he only got the first half of the movie. So at the middle, it just like stops... and it was just getting kinda weird. ALTHOUGH ALL THE GIRLS LOOK THE SAME. I'm sorry if this is really racist, but I swear that all the girls do look the same in that movie. Actually this happens in a lot of American movies too, I just can't tell at all the difference between people. Lots of time the casting people I guess go for a certain type.

Anyway, so now I've seen HALF of ju-on 1. And I DDR-ified a bit, and though I can handle almost every thing on light mode, I cannot move past that. I still think I want to buy it though. I'm never going to get especially good at it, but maybe it's good for you (I still have yet to determine whether the benefits of the exercise outweigh the dangers of obsessiveness or not)...

but anyway, good times. although apparently after every time I go over there (which has been a grand total of twice) they rearrange their house right afterwards so my mental picture which is just oh so important is completely WRONG.

In other news, knitting with size 11 needles is good for the soul.

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