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Sunday, December 12, 2004

...teh chastity...

teh chastity is the opposite of teh sex, or da sex, or wahtever. Althoguh Maciek was trying to convince me of the difference between abstinence and chastity, wahtevs.

I am so not not not looking forward to this philosophy paper. I was planning on writing it tonight but I don't know if I can. It's just so difficult man.... last time he wrote that I wasn't philosophical enough, so this time I must try to think in less practical terms, which is quite difficult.

ARgARGARG I hate papers so much. Must remember to become something where writing is either not necessary or can be handed off to someone else when grow up.

I keep reminding myself that if I can get through all this work it will be winter break. But that does not seem to make it any better. But now I am going to bitch about something else.

The Pynk Pyritz enjoy making $$, righto? I mean, who doesn't, especially with something as fun and easy as playing at schnucks. So me and Gelina are gonna (Claire will be out of town), apparently there are monstrous numbers of xmas duets, so we're gonna go rake in some dough at the grocery store (hey, it works). Unfortunately, CERTAIN people say that we have to give half of the cash we collect in our little basket to the conservatory. WHICH IS BOGUS. We make that money, I don't see evil person (who I will refer to as... JE for lack of creativity) JE going and making money for us. She doesn't own us, we're not her little creations of money making goodness.

So basically, we are majorly pissed. You know, we're pirates. So there may be some... pirating... going on here. Also, we want to buy a treasure chest, and put some money in (preferably in gold coins) and then bury it somewhere, and have a map and all that good stuff... and then we can put a curse on it and it would be like Pirates of the Caribbean and stuff minus johnny depp and that weirdo keira knightley....

Dude it's our $. However, I must say that it is to our advantage that this is on the honors system, and there are very few official records. We are after all, pyritz.

Merry zmas everyone.

mo posted at 5:42 PM.