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Sunday, December 19, 2004

...msppsp espisode 2...

When I'm with you I feel like I could die and that would be alright?

Yesterday there was an mspp (if you are SO out of the loop to not know what that is... it's a meadow square park party), which means a triangle of favorites party. Whether or not we're all each other's favorites has yet to be determined, nor will it ever be, I think. Anyway so with all the recent Ariana/Noam drama I was ever-so-slightly worried that things might not go lovely-ly, but indeed it was excellent, and way better than the last one. We show up at her house at 10, and after about 15 minutes everyone is ACTUALLY enjoying themselves. So reminiscient of all times except for the last mspp, at which there was much depression and other un-fun stuff. So anyway. That prompted a brilliant quote from me:

"So far, this mspp is better than the last one, COMBINED." I didn't mean to say something so completely idiotic, but hey, it happens.

The couch/futon fight was moderately resolved too. Clearly, a cross between a couch and a futon (or something of unknown couch/futon status) should be called a CROUTON.

Unfortunately, we discussed the squeakiness of Noam's bed and how bad it would be to have sex on it because it's seriously, the loudest piece of furniture in the history of the universe.

Me: but croutons aren't dirty.
Noam: Well now they are, now that we're having sex on them.

It is seriously approaching the point at which every word in the english language is an inside joke.

I took this pic of my room like a week or two ago. I think it looks pretty. It's cleaner now though. Tomorrow I will post the cello case pics.

In other news... xmas gift progress: not good. One person might get something in time for xmas, if they're lucky :P everyone else gets screwed.

But xmas (or zmas) is an approximate season, so screw the whole gifts by this day thing... superspy secrecy.

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