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Monday, December 27, 2004


If there's one thing I'm good at, it's freaking myself out. And still remaining a really calm person. Just not all at the same time.

The lady at the yarn store lied to me. I asked how much yarn it takes to make a scarf generally and she said 200 yds... so that's what I bought. And I'm using 10.5 needles here, yet 200 only got up to my shoulders, and the rule is that ALL SCARVES MUST BE AT LEAST AS TALL AS ME.

So I had to buy more. Pretty damn expensive. Anyway I am always currently trying to do a scarf with 100 yds, so we'll see how that goes... ha.

Oh right so schnucks (yes I had to look up on google how to spell that)... so several important things happened. We played last wednesday and friday, me and gelina, in order to make some $$ and spread xmas spirit in the way of carols and other music... nevermind that we almost die of xmas carol comas, it's all good...

So Wednesday:
We of course tell our boyfriends/NOTboyfriends/whatevers, domey and jimmyhuggett, to be there, cuz ... why not? So of course they get there before us (typical, we're fashionably late, they are there early cuz they have nothing else to do). So we set up and played, and didn't actually get a whole lot of cash cuz it was pretty empty, and/or people weren't feeling generous. ARE WE NOT CUTE ENOUGH? So at the end of our $$ making scheme we bought ourselves 3 santa hats (one for each pynk pyrit, despite claire's condition of being in Florida or something at the time), and got Claire a chocolate orange, because that is definitely one of the most exciting grocery store gift options. The only other thing we found of interest was a stuffed bear that played jingle bells and vibrated intensely. We considered its possibilities as a vibrator but decided it would be too dangerous to associate the song jingle bells with that sort of thing. Perhaps it would be a pavlov's dog sort of response and you would become aroused if you heard jingle bells playing anywhere... DANGER.

This time we were free of the distraction of boys, and thus could focus more on the cash collecting. Cello was grossly out of tune -- evidently the repulsiveness of all those xmas carols had gotten to it too... although I must say we did sound pretty good considering the circumstances. Anyway this time more people donated, because it was xmas eve, and because we were infinitely cuter with our santa hats.

However, there were two major problems.

We were situated near the door, so wind from the outside and/or overly agressive xmas shoppers racing by with their shopping carts tended to dislocate angelina's music. Thus we used her handy and quite obsessive paperclip collection to secure her music. Unfortunately this yielded slow turnover of songs.

The other major problem was... we were situated near the door. Do you know how cold it can get in a grocery store near the door on december 24th playing for THREE HOURS... well let's see, it was about 10 degrees outside, and grocery stores already have a tendency to be very cold, so together these two factors created frost bite inducing temperatures. Well maybe not quite. But I can safely say that without my armwarmers I would have frozen to death. YES you can get freezer burn from playing in schnucks.

However, we got to take a break and go eat employee food (oh man it's like we're employees, but better), and they had chicken, like they did last year (which then prompted claire to become overexcited in mocking of another employee, "whoa, there's chicken!")...

Oh right so playing in public places always makes you meet interesting people (why do you want to work here? I want to meet new people... stereotypical answer). So we met these two cute little boys who enjoyed hearing us and hung out for a while... we played them jingle bells, and eventually ended up giving them each some money (hey, shouldn't it be the other way around?) but they wanted some quarters and they were cool.

There was this one guy who came in and stared at us, and he was wearing this fuzzy hood thing, so I couldn't really see his face. He was staring right at me so I glanced up to see if it was someone I knew... and it wasn't, but he just kind of turned away and walked away... it was kind of creepy actually.

Anyway that was a ridiculously long post about 5 hours of my life in total. It was good though, made some money, and now can continue this ridiculous xmas knitting uninterrupted by urges to blog.

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