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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

...contents of my coat...

I am currently cleaning out my coat, and since I have not much else to do... I will tell you what I find:

-1 sheet of bubble wrap (freshman year)
-1 pack of mint skittles, opened, though surprisingly intact in the way of shape. I think it's still a bit dangerous to even touch them though (freshman year)
-a bag from follett's with 3 atomic fireballs, and a receipt that shows this was from february 15th, 2002
-a partially eaten bag of goldfish from who knows when... luckily it was well wrapped and thus no crumbs are in my coat
-ANOTHER pack of mint skittles
-two wet ones

Amazing, I don't seem to have any gloves in here.

mo posted at 1:56 PM.