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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

...i like to quote myself...

"Maybe that rock is genetically engineered!" --convo yesterday

Yeah, apparently they have a little family tree that I have been integrated into, without having to allegedally have screwed Nathan to produce whoever's child I'm the mother of. That is always a good thing, when you find out you didn't have to do that. --my blog, february 27th, 2003

How ironic.

In other news I went to Beno's house today (beno=lillian) and swooned for several hours straight. After determinatin that I am not a very good Miss Tenessee, we watched Anastasia... and man, she's kind of a bitch...but that dimitri is HOTT. We spent quite a lot of time swooning at him, laughing at how hyperactive he is, and loving his hair. Then we proceeded to watch LOTR ROTK extras and see many of the characters act a bit gay (i.e. aragorn snogging pippin), and we found out that orlando bloom cannot hold his liquor!

Now there is the shocking realization that...

I feel indeed recovered from my potential illness that I had this morning (perhaps thanks to the wonderful germs of Domier that he may or may not have so kindly spread to me)...

But it is the second day in a row where I have eaten wayyyy more than my body can handle... gotta remember this moderation thing.

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