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Saturday, January 22, 2005

(11:37:18) PynkPyritzBabe : getting ready for a wedding...ahhh we have to drive in this on country roads...just so you kno i love yall if i die...and you can split up my money and yea...:-/...heh

That's what we thought was going to happen this morning. Mr. Murphy helped get us a wedding gig for today, but it was going to be in some little town in the middle of nowhere that's normally 45 minutes of driving away. However, the weather is disgusting and snowy and icy and dangerous, so I had to call the bride's parents and try to tell them that we couldn't go. Which was going to SUCK. If there's one kind of gig you really cannot miss, it's a wedding. Because it's a BIG DEAL and you're *supposed* to only get married once, right? However, we didn't want to die in the middle of some snow drift (in our new *white* car), so we called and LUCKILY they're moving the wedding to somewhere in town! YAAAY! So it's at 4 today, and that shall be good.

Now the story of yesterday. The spirit week assembly was really stupid, and miserable, although I was quite proud of my brother because we were 2 of the 3 people not standing during the national anthem. I basically knit for the whole thing and didn't pay much attention and sat and was miserable. Ugh. Anyway then went to domey's house, and learned the opening to that one song... kryptonite... the one justin always sang during math class in 7th grade. Anyway when I was going to leave about, the doorbell kept ringing and no one was there, and we heard giggling... so of course it was dimitri. Apparently he wanted to hang out with domier or something and so he just bikes over with this other guy, and looks in the window at us. Why anyone would want to do that, I don't know, but okay. Shortly after I left, and that was that. Dimitri is weird.

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