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Sunday, January 02, 2005

...I believe in a thing called love...

Warning: the stuff in italics is stuff you probably won't understand if you're not up on the inside jokes.

"And then, came a terrible thing called JANUARY 2ND!" --from Noel

Went to pages to get some self help (self help books are the best) and discovered a few interesting things. We were taking some kind of compatability test for me and Domey whether we were like... psychologically compatible or something... vaguely reminiscent of the EIQ test. Anyway the point was one of the questions said, "do you think a lot of praise makes someone bigheaded?" and Noam says, "but he's already bigheaded!"

We went through about 20 million questions, about how I feel when people cry, and whether actions speak louder than words to reveal that my emotional intelligence is... MEDIUM. That was the most anticlimatic quiz taking experience I have ever had. And yes I am including math quizzes.

Then we went to Dairy Queen(s)... TOF... and we were talking about my world that says "hugg-a-planet" on it... and it's like Jimmy Huggett right... so it's like Jimmy Eat World (good connections there)... and Ariana said, "If Jimmy ate the world, the new weight would be really heavy"

Get it? The new weight is jimmy?

One last quote:

Noam: Which one of you loves me more?
Mo: ME!
Ariana: oh sorry, I was listening to the ocean.

Alright, winter break is coming to a close, and that sucks of course, the thought of school makes me cringe. I have a mere 13 hours until I'm sitting in class so right now is of course the key time to reflect on my accomplishments:

-Number of scarves knitted: 3
-Number of dollars spent so far on potential DDR: $230
-What items remain nonexistent to keep me in a state of DDRlessness: one ps2
-bike rides: 1
-MSPPs: 1 or 2 debatably
-hours spent on homework: approximately 1
-money made playing in a grocery store: enough
-episodes of Fushigi Yuugi watched: 18
-episodes of Azumanga watched: 3 (i don't have the next cd)
-santa hats bought: 1
-days i DIDN'T see nathan domier (out of 17 possible days that I'm considering winter break): 9
-deep conversations with jimmyhuggett: 1
-brothers who are taller than I am: 1
-trips to walgreens and evo: 1
-times played DDR: 2
-lychee candies eaten: 1
-kanji i have: 446
-skeins of awesome turkish acryllic yarn received: 18
-number of meters in said stash: not sure, but definitely more than 3600

it was good.

mo posted at 7:03 PM.