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Saturday, January 08, 2005


Stop, it's too late, I'm feeling frustrated, I see no signs of fortress, I see no signs of fortress. I downloaded that song, w00t (cr00t).

Yesterday went to Domey's house after school... why, BECAUSE I CAN, because it's the weekend. But anwyay, that was good stuff. Watched an episode of super milk chan, which is pretty damn amusing I must say, esp. the random inserted stuff that has NOTHING to do with the show... also helped make some pizzas, and while we managed to salvage 2 of the weird pizzas, I don't think my destiny is to become a pizza maker. We also sat on his cr00ton and drank green tea. Nevermind that I can't use a microwave. Good stuff. I like how much more helpful I am at his house than at mine, where I just like go upstairs and hide.

Been watching more Azumanga... got through episode 15, which means I'm MORE THAN HALFWAY done with the series. Somehow the second half always goes more quickly. ALWAYS?? Why am I saying always? The only other one I have watched in completion is Trigun, and that took me a while. Oh yea and FLCL, but that one was really short, and AWESOME. Anyway I totally love Azumanga, it's great stuff, THANK YOU TO ABBY FOR MAKING EVERYONE WATCH IT.

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