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Monday, January 10, 2005


Today was a good day.

Math only took me 30 minutes at home.
I didn't fail the physics quiz.
Math class went extremely fast.
I am almost done with my legwarmers.
I am DirT.
I practiced cello for an hour.
I finished all my homework.
We had philosophy in the lounge.
We had a long run in fitness (as opposed to something more deadly and more anti-running club worthy).
Monday coffee.
I had to wake up at 5 am to guard the house because apparently we can't be left home alone sleeping. I knit at 5 am, but then got to go back to sleep around 5:45
We are having chinese take out for dinner (w00t!)
I located most of my IDs for history.
These pants fit me today.
I have an A in math.
I don't give a damn about college. I didn't go to the meeting, but my parents did.
But I chewed the gum they gave me.
96.5 hours of aim since the beginning of winter break.
I see no sign of fortress
I dreamt I could float in jimmyhuggett's house... and his and domey's parents were commenting that it was weird, but I was like "no, floating is perfectly normal"
3 potential parties this weekend... hott
2 more rasberry mochas until we get a free one
1 utada hikaru song I have heard today... easy breezy

For once, my Monday did not suck. Admittedly, the waking up at 5 am was kinda lame, but at least I got to sleep again. There of course are underlying problems... such as the potential split of tof. Or past split of tof. The pstof let's call it. which sounds a lot like "pissed off" if you say it. perhaps accurate. I am too happy to get myself down about that right now, because I am NOT a butterfly. I am too allowed to be emotional. Happy=an emotion dudes.

is aroused an emotion? 6? SECRET????? is DirT an emotion? I don't care!

breathe in for luck yo, it's time for dinner.

mo posted at 7:30 PM.