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Sunday, January 23, 2005


I feel sick. Me, my brother, and domier all admitted to feeling sick this afternoon, at almost the same time. Deren goes "stay away from me, cuz i feel sick" and I go "whoaaaa me too! And so does Domier..." so we all are tired, scratchy throats, and feeling generally bumalicious. We determined that Deren was sick first though, so I guess I just get his diseases cuz i live here, and of course I'm nice enough to share my germs with Domey...

Yesterday we played the wedding, and luckily they DID end up moving it to our very own town. We showed up, and the maid of honor comes up to us and is like "so... what are you guys going to play?" and we're like "um.... the normal stuff?" and start getting scared. And she tells us she wants to pick all this different stuff for the processional and stuff like that but luckily we had enough passable music. So we ended up playing stephen's song for the mothers' seating and lighting the candles (the first time his piece has ever been part of an actual wedding ceremony)... so it was fun and the bride had a pretty dress, and we got paid and that was good. Weddings are so cute.

Dance was ok, sensei took a pic of me and domey, I didn't dress up, but there were soooo many slubbies and sleshmen there which disgust me. I was such a good spy (not really), and we discovered that I can't put down my pinky without using my thumb. Yep.

Today, sick and hwk, what a nice combo.

mo posted at 7:49 PM.