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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Amazingly I actually saw it!!! Unfortunately, there was no Lana/Jason action. Way to be sexy Lana, SHE'S SO VIRGINAL IT'S SO FREAKING ANNOYING. She decides to have sex with Jason, so she lights about 20,000 candles and invites him over, and is wearing like a striped baggy button down shirt and no pants... way to be sexy I say. You could ate least ATTEMPT the skanky underwear thing, but nooooo.

Anyway. Yesterday Kangway lectured our Japanese class + whoever was in the hallway about how you shouldn't base your college decisions on your boyfriend or girlfriend because academics are the MOST IMPORTANT THING... that was exciting and random and NOT HELPFUL.

I guess I should fill out that college thing. My answer for "why do you want to go to college" was cool, i answered that one and was like "i don't really want to, but I have to" basically.

It's calc time guys.

mo posted at 9:27 PM.