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Thursday, January 27, 2005 moaned...

Mo moaned. Not a happy pleasure-ful moan of goodness... a moan of unhappy doom. Why? Because I am upset. I am upset for many reasons, but I think I will take my golden oppurtunity (i.e. it's 5:30 and I've already given up on the math hwk) and moan about why I am annoyed:

1) ROFTAC. We have to turn in our stupid college reflection personal touchy feely what are your adjectives things of death and destruction. I realize that getting into college is probably a good idea, since there's lots of people in the world and competition for jobs, etc. But seriously, the kind of questions they ask you are complete crap. "What makes you special" is what it boils down to. WHAT IF I'M NOT SPECIAL???? What if I'm just like everyone else? I AM like everyone else, but they're all getting into college, so I should too. I hate having to bullshit.

2) I hate Sony. I hate them with a fiery passion that has convinced me to never buy any PS2 games other than DDR, which I already have. It's been more than a month since xmas, and still best buy has none in stock. I don't want to buy one off some crappy website and get a piece of junk... I want one that has at least a fair chance of working, and I WANT IT SOON. I need to play DDR. BECAUSE I WANT TO. Is that a crime? Maybe it would even make me less moany. I don't relaly buy into the whole "exercise as a destressor" thing but whatever.

Note: the computer I am using now is Sony. While I hate Sony, admittedly they make hardware that lasts a ridiculously long time in comparison to other companies *coughapplecough* because I've had it for about 3 years and it was another several years old when I got it. Quite stable actually.

3) The state my body is in. I am just recovering from being sick, so I'm still somewhat miserable. On top of that I'm beginning to hate my arms. Do you know why? Because of weights. I'm putting on muscle and my arms are getting bigger. And I hate them. I don't want to have huge disgusting arms, I want my weak but skinnier arms back. I don't want to look like Hilary Duff, jesus (although I love her). I don't care if I can flex, I find myself turning in a more and more unattractive direction. Isn't one of the goals of PE to make you more comfortable with your body? Ummmmmm that's really working out well. Don't even start with the "oh you're so skinny don't complain about your body" stuff, yessssssssssss I've heard it enough, and with this NEW exception, I'm basically fine with it.

4) Calc homework. Completely impossible. Except the part from the book, that was easy. However the rest is ridiculous. I hate you integrals.

5) My computer won't read CDs. Again. No Azumanga for me unless I can a) hijack my brother's computer and b) it happens to work

6) I'm cold.

7) I did badly on that physics quiz. I thought I did alright, but then it turns out I probably missed like, all of the true/false. What JOY.

8) I have to take the ACT in 16 days because of ridey. I don't want to take it. But I have to.

9) I still don't have a speech topic.

10) The thing in the Japanese soap opera today was quite disturbing actually. The people on the other side of the river of death, all these white ghosts, were definitely creepier and more mo-nightmare-ish than most things in horror movies.


It's time for some computer hijackage.

mo posted at 5:35 PM.