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Sunday, January 30, 2005

...the star is watching...

So this weekend has been fun (for the most part), haven't done much except homework, some celloing, and hanging out with Domey. That would be perfectly satisfying, if it weren't for the homework (I must say math was exceptionally great though).

Yesterday he was over, and I have that star pillow pictured above, and we noticed that no matter where you put it, it always looks like the star is watching you. Which is a bit disturbing. I don't know why that bothers us more than Dimitri watching, but now even when I'm sitting in my room alone, I feel like it's looking at me. Kind of scary actually.

I STILL NEED A SPEECH TOPIC guys, you don't seem to be helping very much. *sigh*

It's time to go watch a cary grant movie methinks, then some chinese food, and off to orchestra. Good stuff.

mo posted at 11:56 AM.