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Monday, January 31, 2005

...I want your SBOD...

SBOD=Square Brackets Of Doom. There were quite a few of them on the math homework.

Today we went lunchbuddying, and after wandering around and deciding not to go to panera, we went to bombay grill and it was yummy. Then we made the executive decision to have monday coffee after not having been on a monday for over a month. Excitingly enough we saw INTEGRALS at espresso royale, and noam ordered some weird honey-ish drink...

Unfortunately then we realized it was 12:13. And 5th period starts at 12:15 right, so most times this happens, I force Domey to run back so that we're not heinously late. But today, for some reason, I reeeally didn't feel like running back. So we were late.

While I personally don't really care about being tardy to class, apparently other people didn't appreciate it very much. I guess the problem really is that me and Domier show up 5 minutes late to class while everyone else is there, and our faces are all red from walking outside. So admittedly not the best combination, but OH WELL.

That coffee is good. Rasberry Mocha dudes. AND next time we go we get a free one because we've bought 10 of them.

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