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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Things that I learned within the past day:


matt should turn in his japanese homework because it distresses sensei that he doesn't

there is magical sleeping dust in physics

if you have a linking verb, there will always be a predicate nominative or predicate adjective

it's hard to understand jokes in foreign languages

Things I have done within the past day:

math homework

finished Azumanga Daioh, an extremely hott anime involving schoolgirls, pervy teachers, nekokoneko, and japanese high school in general. Plus... chiyo's dad.

chosen a speech topic... get this: how the internet affects communication! Oh hott

felt icky but then better

played cello for 2.5 hours

taken the AMC (oh no i can't discuss the answers anywhere for another 2 hours because everyone in the world hasn't taken it yet)

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