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Monday, February 07, 2005


Dear life,
I hate you.

Who wants to hear about my fun weekend? I was sick, and I did a flowchart, a paper, copied 4 pages of history notes, did 3 math assignments, wrote 2 poems, read and answered questions for 2 chapters of anthro, did 3 physics worksheets, and wrote 800 characters of my japanese speech.

And did any of this help??? NO. I still couldn't do my physics quiz despite about 3 hours of studying, and I have new homework or a test in almost every class.

i still hurt when I wake up
it was raining today and my pants got soaked at the bottom from the rain
i tripped on my english book
i have a history test tomorrow and a math test on wednesday
i have a cello lesson tomorrow which i have practiced about 20 minutes for in total due to my stupid flu
my nose is still running
i can't fall asleep at night
my computer won't read cds
i'm bloated
i'm freezing
i didn't get the math review
i don't want to study for history at all
i am still too sick to open ddr
i hate everybody at school
i don't feel like signing up for agora classes except for ewan mcgreggor

now let's list the good things about my day:

i didn't have to do any exercise whatsoever because i had a mommynote
we got a free rasberry mocha at espresso royale
i wasn't late to english
my brother told me a joke:

A woman sees a frog suffocating or something and it's saying "free me and i will grant you 3 wishes" and so she does. Then the frog says, "i didnt' tell you that the condition is whatever you get, your husband gets 10 times more" so the woman is like okay.

For her first wish, she says "i want to be the most beautiful woman in the world" and the frog says "your husband will become the most handsome man in the world" and the woman says "that's alright, he'll still like me"

For her second wish she says "i want to be the wealthiest person in the world" and the frog again points out that the husband will have 10 times more wealth and she says "it's okay, what's his is mine and what's mine is his"

And for her third wish, the woman says, "I would like a minor heart attack."


That was so worth typing up, considering my brother got it from some website. but finding links would be just too difficult.

So yeah, my day sucked. absolutely horrid. I hope that tomorrow is better, i can't say i'm way too optomistic though.

mo posted at 6:01 PM.