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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

...dear wednesday...

Dear Wednesday,
you're significantly an improvement over Monday. Although, according to afishinjapan they love mondays. She puts pictures of happy japanese students on her brog and writes "today, we are celebrating the fact that it is monday." I have found yet another japan blog and can soon hopefully realize my destiny as a japan blogger.

Unfortunately my nihongo isn't too good.

I am just not good at talking, that seems to be the problem. Nor writing. Reading I suppose I'm ok at, although definitely bad at that in english. The problem with language is there is just so much crap to remember and it doesn't exactly seem natural at all. I can get used to certain phrases, or learn nouns and adjectives pretty well, but I hate forming sentences.

I want to go to college in Japan. I need to escape America while I still can, and it seems that this is my big chance. Not that things are going to be uber peachy there either, but at least their population is anti-bush. Plus, that way I get to be a gaijin. I always think there's something romanticy and good about not fitting in (see lost in translation), or maybe I just want to physically not fit in too because I already feel not normal here. But none of that matters, what I really want is to live in a country where everything imaginable is cute. Duh. Now it's time for the japanese only part of my post.





For those of you out of the circle of life, I just told a story about how I went to a panda wedding and saw lots of sad pandas who have failed to find significant others, and may only fulfill their lives by chewing on bamboo, creating wonderful knitting needles for mo.

Ha, actually I didn't say that. You'll never know!

mo posted at 9:29 PM.