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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Today we had an exciting anthro discussion. It was fun. It helped me out of my sleepiness. I just fall asleep during 6th period. Not anyone's fault really, but it's a pity because I really like that class and hate to fall asleep during an interesting one.

During Japanese today, sensei made us go summarize our speeches in english. I can translate my speech, but summarizing is hard, because it's... in japanese. But anyway, I had to go see domey's superb comment on my blog because he wouldn't tell me what it was seeing as it has some thoughts and ideas that sensei does not approve of in there. And then, I saw that Maria (the fish), posted. Presumably because I linked to her most excellent blog yesterday. I suppose we're sort of partners in fishiness. Anyway that's not the point. The point is I read her comment and was excited that she posted on my lame blog, but the boyfriend was there and he was freaking out that she could read his comment. OMIGOD people can sometimes read japanese! Especially english teachers in japan. And oh no, teenagers sometimes comment about sex on their blogs.

Way exciting.

Anyway I wasn't actaully posting about that.

I was posting about this blog my mom found (wow this is turning into like, blog review), but this one is really dumb. the dullest blog in the world

It's great because it has a post like once every few months about really mundane things like turning on and off the lights, but it has hundreds of pages of comments on each post.

This fits well with my japanese speech. I will rpobably translate it on here at some point, because a) it's fun to translate your own work (ha) and b) then no one can steal my intellectual property (Everyone wants to), and c) because then non japanese taking friends can wakarimasu.

however, now it's time for some tabemono. so byebye dudes.

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