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Friday, February 11, 2005

...sweaty girl...

The amount of exercise I have gotten in the past 2 days is ridiculous. Besides walking to classes and walking to lunch, which I would normally consider sufficient to keep me alive, I have run 2.5 miles, and played at least 2 hours of ddr. Now that I have it in the comfort of my own home... I am going to be sweaty like all the time, because it's way addictive.

I've also got deren addicted, which is good. Unfortunately he's still a beginner. Which means no cool backgrounds for mo.

Guess what I am going to become! A loser who can only talk about ddr and stuff of that sort. Better than one who only talks about running *coughcough*

I have yet to watch this week's smallville episode. I'm thinking it will be my post ACT festivities. Tomorrow is the big ACT day, and I have not really studied for it at all. I took a practice test or so, looked at a few books, but nothing much. However, somehow it's not made out to be as important as the SAT. Plus I can take it again in June (what fun) although I doubt my score would go up.

Unfortunately it's in some small town far away, so I have to get up way early. WHAT FUN. This is quite what I'd like do to with my saturday. The dance was cancelled, so I am making secret plots to go to sensei's house because I neeeeeeeed my speechi back. It's way cool (sort of) or at least, I would like to deliver it semi well. Last year I planned not to practice it at all, so I didn't until like the night before, but then I was like "what, I can't deliver it like this, this sucks!" so I spent a few hours rehearsing it, much to the confusion of my family (why is she talking to herself?) and amazingly I got most of it memorized. That was my ichiban sukina speechi in any language ever. SooooOoOoo I may type out my translated speech on here some other time, but I have oodles of free time right now and must blog surf. Ha. Actually I'm going to eat dinner soon.

I'm at home and it's a friday night. Why you might ask? My mom said domier festivities must end at 5:30 tonight, so we went to the union, made a quick break, had a pretty decent walk, and went to domey's house. It was way amazing to me that by the time I left, it was still light out. Spring is awaiting. So is dinner, almost.

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