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Sunday, February 13, 2005


It's rainy and gross right now. Many things in life are gross, that's my observation.

I have bad timing. I wanted to get my speechi today from sensei, but alas, so far each time I've called her, she hasn't been home, and when she called me back, I wasn't home. SO I guess most likely there won't be any speech practicing this weekend :(

Hotpockets! waha. too bad abby doesn't read this.

kangway doesn't think i should go to college in japan. well toooo bad for him. not that i could get into a japanese college, but that is not the point.

yesterday, there was no dance. cry. instead, i went to the wonderfully wonderful boyfriend's house (note my lack of use of the phrase disgustingly disgusting) and listened to a 20 minute long description of the movie Boogeyman. And drank black tea. Way superior to dances, I think. Although, this was only required because our friday afternoon/evening gettogether was cut short due to my mom. Well psh.

So right, I have not much to say, but I think the object of my affections is not going to come back to his computer, and so what else have I to do other than blog? Actually, I have other stuff to do, like homework, but that's way lame. I did math. I vowed that I wouldn't play DDR today because my legs have been in a state of soreness since I got it. So I'm not going to fail. I WON'T play ddr. I promise.

Oh rapture, he's back. Now I can't type to my blog and domey at once, and this post is going nowehere, so goodbye, people.

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